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Clinical trials

Video on Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential to providing the scientific data to determine whether new drugs, diagnostics or procedures are both safe and effective when used to Read more »

Brochure on Clinical Trial

For young people with cancer and their parents we made a quide to Clinical Trials. You can view this quide by clicking the image or Read more »

Training courses on clinical trials in Europe

Detailed information about clinical trials is important for parents, patients and survivors. For parent/patient representatives, who are more involved in the clinical trial process, even Read more »

Personal Thoughts about Clinical Trials

Marisa Fasanelli, President of Peter Pan Association (Rome, Italy) In the past thirty years, paediatric oncology is unquestionably the branch of medicine that has achieved Read more »

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Regarding the issue of “Clinical trials ” we collected some interesting articles that can be accessed via the external links included underneath. By clicking a Read more »

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