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CCI (formerly ICCCPO) works to build a world-wide community of childhood cancer organizations representing families of children with cancer and childhood cancer survivor groups. We share information and experience in order to improve access to the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. Complete the form to learn more.

Light Up Hope, Light Up Gold

Let’s turn the world GOLDLightItUpGold1.png

GOLD is the color of strength, courage and resiliency
GOLD is the symbolic color of childhood cancer

In September, every year, CCI members and the whole community of childhood cancer champions, advocates and supporters encourage iconic buildings, historic landmarks, monuments, bridges and natural environments to Go Gold by lighting them up in GOLD or by hanging huge gold ribbons in these places.

Show you support kids with cancer and turn your homes, workplaces, schools and communities GOLD!

Share your plans, stories and pictures with

For any clarifications or requests for assistance, please email CCI Regional Heads

Suggested Twitter and Facebook tags

  • #LIGHTUPHOPE4kidswithcancer
  • #supportkidswithcancer
  • #Gold4Hope

Think Gold

For the month of September, we encourage you to THINK GOLD in 8 more different ways…

  1. POST MESSAGES in your facebooks, web sites and social media.
  2. DISPLAY GOLD RIBBONS: the bigger, the better; the more visible, the better; the more creative, the more attractive it will be.
  3. WEAR anything GOLD, take a SELFIE, POST and SHARE. ENCOURAGE and INVITE others to do the same.
  4. Invite your social media friends to LIKE the GOLDEN VOICES of WE ARE ONE.
  5. Bring your families, friends, communities together. CREATE instant HUMAN GOLD RIBBONS.
  6. Create joyful GOLDEN MOMENTS for families of children/adolescents with cancer and the survivors.
  7. TWEET and SHARE GOLD NUGGETS of WISDOM from STORIES of parents, families, caregivers and survivors. TWEET messages of support from your friends or supporters who are celebrities or influentials.​
  8. SPEND a GOLDEN DAY with a survivor, a child with cancer or their family.

As they say, hope is the most powerful medicine – the best gift we can give to kids with cancer and their families. Hope that there will be a tomorrow. Hope for a brighter and healthier future. Hope for a future where working together, we ​will stop avoidable deaths and unnecessary ​pain/suffering from childhood cancer​.

GOLD in September

GOLD in SEPTEMBER is a global movement that has many organizations promoting and mobilizing support to

  • RECOGNIZE GOLD as the symbol of childhood cancer
  • THINK GOLD in September (in the same way people think pink (breast cancer) in October, red (HIVAIDS) in December)
  • SPARK interest and STRENGTHEN awareness on childhood cancer realities and challenges

Here is a list of some organizations that are not part of the CCI network but have strongly advocated for this campaign. Their Facebook pages are treasure troves of what has been accomplished in turning the world GOLD in SEPTEMBER. We encourage you to visit their Facebook pages and like them. We will continue to add to this list as the month progresses and you send us information.

Go Gold Australia, Oceania

Early in 1997, Go Gold Australia, was organized by a group of volunteers (mums, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, grandparents, friends and concerned citizens) dedicated to seeing the end of childhood cancer in their country and the world. They established the Facebook GO GOLD Australia “to UNITE for awareness”. They invited all childhood cancer support groups to UNITE as one for the purpose of providing children with a voice and for that voice to be heard. They believe that “Everybody can do something”. The possibilities are endless. They also encourage everyone to “Get creative and get involved”. Their Facebook page is: Go Gold Australia

The Golden Octopus Foundation

This is a childhood cancer charity, based in Queensland, Australia, that was formed by groups of women who are mothers, relatives or friends of children affected by cancer. Their call to action is “Let’s GO GOLD, BRIGHT and BOLD, so OUR KIDS will ALL GROW OLD”. Their Facebook page is

The Gold World Project

Among the prominent individuals propelling the growth of the Gold in September movement is Tony Stoddard from the USA, a bereaved father who lost his 5 year old son Cole to neuroblastoma at the age of 5. He initiated “The Gold World Project” in 2012 and maintains a global picture repository of sites that have turned gold all over the world. People across the globe use this page to post achievements and pictures of the building, bridges, and landmarks that they have persuaded to turn gold in September. Their Facebook says “We aim to grow our movement until the entire world knows that childhood cancer is the #1 killer by disease in many countries.”. Many of the world’s top pediatric oncologists agree that a crucial step towards finding a cure for all forms of childhood cancer is awareness. People cannot begin to work to solve a problem unless they are first aware that there is a problem that needs fixing.
In a CNN write up ( Tony says:

“I began my mission to increase childhood cancer awareness in August, 2012. My dream was to see as much gold in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month as there is pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But there is another reason to Light Up Gold: It helps to heal the hearts of parents such as myself who have lost children to cancer. It lets us know our children did not die in vain. It shows us our kids are not forgotten. A week before Cole died in our arms, he looked up at me and said, “I’m not going to grow up to be or do anything.” Can you imagine hearing your child speak such words? Fighting back tears, I promised my son he would do “something big” someday. My son received most of his treatments at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. After my son died, I had a difficult time going back to Boston; there were too many painful memories there. But last September, I returned to see many of the landmarks we had crossed and passed by so often illuminated with gold lights. I smiled, with tears streaming down my cheeks, looking at the buildings and bridges shining gold and thought: You are doing “something big” Cole!

The Go Gold Project

This was created by Emily Charlotte Fontes from the USA, who experienced the childhood cancer journey twice in her lifetime: first, as a sibling whose brother had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma when he was just 5 years old and in 2012, when her son Ethan was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Emily describes herself as a wife, mother, Christian, momcologist, super sibling, designer, doula, massage therapist, writer, entrepreneur and dreamer who goes by the motto: “Be Strong and Courageous”. The site creates free custom made graphic badges for parents in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September as well as banners that can be used for Facebook (and other social media platforms). Emily says she does this to help paint Gold the social media platfomrs and raise awareness for childhood cancer They also set up a separate page for creating twibbons:

Glow Gold

This was formed by UK based parents and friends, in April 2016. ​In explaining the reasoning behind the campaign the group says We can’t affect what has happened to us and our children but we can make a difference for you and yours. They believe that “without improved awareness and increased publicity, little will change in terms of early diagnosis, research, treatment or prognosis for our children”. Their aim is that with “increased awareness of childhood cancer, comes greater awareness of the early signs and symptoms, earlier diagnosis, increased funding, increased research, kinder more targeted therapy and ultimately, a change in the prognosis for kids diagnosed with childhood cancer”. The campaign has the support of a number of childhood cancer charities including Candlelighters, Clic Sargent ​(a CCI member organization) ​and CCLG. ​ Their Facebook and website shows participating places in UK and Scotland. Through their efforts, 100 sites in various parts of UK and Scotland has promised to Glow Gold this September:

CCI Champions Mobilizing Support for Light Up Gold, Light Up Hope

We share with you stories of some CCI member organizations and individuals, from various parts of the world, who have been the vanguards in their countries of promoting this global movement of Gold in September, making GOLD and the GOLD ribbon as the recognizable symbol of childhood cancer.

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