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Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season: full of joy, love and laughter.

As we start the new year and welcome 2017, we are reminded of a wise mans’ words:

“ The year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going

on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”

2016 was a growth year for CCI and its member organizations.

Together, we achieved many remarkable milestones:

  • We opened up new avenues for collaboration with new allies and cooperating partners on:
    • Rights of children/adolescents with cancer (Children Living Among Neighbours (CLAN Australia))
    • Promotion of Rights of the Dying Child (The Trieste Charter) and Religions of the World Charter for Children’s Palliative Care (Maruzza Foundation, International Childrens Palliative Care Network)
    • Research : 14 country mapping of childhood cancer governance and health systems policies/practices in Latin America (Sick Kids of Canada,OPS-CHILE, Universidad de Chile, PAHO, UICC )
    • Research: Childhood Cancer Knowledge, Attitude, Practise Field Survey in 2 districts in Indonesia (Universitas MH.Thamrin, Jakarta)
    • Capacity development for palliative care and pain management (Beijing Childrens Hospital, SIOP-ASIA)
    • Capacity building for NCD-Child advocacy (NCD Child Coalition)
    • Capacity building for pediatric onco nurses in China and India (Nurses No Frontiers; European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation )
    • Advocacy for universal health care (Universal Health Care Coalition, Global Health Strategies) , i)national multi-stakeholder workshops in Myanmar (WHO, St Judes Childrens Research Center, SIOP-ASIA), j) joint session in CCI SIOP International Conference in Dublin (St Baldricks Foundation ).
  • We communicated our messages on childhood cancer with a louder voice, greater visibility, increased reach and greater impact. Close to a million children from all over the world raised their voices against childhood cancer in the Child4Child campaign; by mid 2016 more than 369 million viewed various social media sites with the song WE ARE ONE ; it generated 29 million likes in social media; local versions/translations of the song in Arabic alone reached close to a million hits/views; major local print media, digital media and TV channels featured CCI members initiatives prominently and extensively; the song has been translated into at least 7 languages. The campaign was recognized and won the bronze medal in the Best in International Advertising category. Childhood cancer survivor stories shared by CCI members in June in their facebooks and social media platforms also had astronomical reach. The GOLD in SEPTEMBER initiatives reached new heights ; at least 6 countries reported between 75 to 100 sites turning gold and/or putting up and displaying huge gold ribbons. The global icon Taj Mahal held an unprecedented event for children with cancer and their families.
  • We strengthened our internal collaboration and had joint successful initiatives between and among CCI members in the same region/continent in the areas of training, advocacy, awareness building and social mobilization campaigns.

We thank you all and appreciate the many contributions and great work you did last year. We also thank all those who shared resources for various CCI programs. But even while we have much to be proud of and to celebrate, we know that so much more needs to be done to assist and support children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families.

In February 2016, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)revealed increasing incidence of childhood cancer. Worldwide, approximately 215,000 cancers are diagnosed per year in those younger than 15 years and about 85,000 cancers in those aged 15–19 years. Childhood cancer is now the leading non communicable disease in many high income countries and in a growing number of middle income countries. However, these statistics do not tell the whole story about the global burden of childhood cancer. Many more thousands of children with cancer remain uncounted, unreported due to absence of functional childhood cancer registries in many countries specially LMICs (low, middle income countries).

Thus, for 2017, we need to broaden our sphere of influence and engage more stakeholders to work with us and to support our call to DO MORE.. CARE MORE to address issues and challenges related to:

  • Increasing awareness on childhood cancer
  • Improving access to timely diagnosis, treatment and care
  • Making childhood cancer treatment and care more affordable
  • Scaling up development of new childhood cancer drugs
  • Eliminating stigma and discrimination suffered by survivors.

We also encourage you to:

  • Enhance and expand your activities in ensuring better nutrition and improved palliative care and pain management for kids under you care. If you need assistance in any of these program areas, please write your Regional Heads.
  • Capture photos and document stories of your successful initiatives, best practices, good models and innovations. Stories and photos are powerful tools for making your case to would be volunteers, supporters, partners, allies and funders. They make visible the impact of your work.
  • Establish systems to help you quantify your reach and how many you are able to serve and to assist/support.Numbers capture the value and importance of your work – they help tell your story.

While we anticipate that 2017 will continue to be marked with some of the key challenges we all faced last year (e.g. unstable political, economic and social conditions, natural catastrophes, security threats, donor fatigue, etc.), we are certain that working together, driven by passion, fueled by commitment and determination, 2017 will be another remarkable breakthrough year.

We have proven that “Working Together Works” and that working as one creates breakthroughs. Let us continue to work even more closely together, building on our successes and charting new pathways to help create better futures for children/adolescents with cancer and the survivors.

Your CCI Board,

Carmen (Philippines), Ruth (USA), Luisa (Spain), Poonam (India), Marcela (Chile), Mary (Australia), Kenneth (South Africa), Kwame (Ghana), Joao(Portugal)

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